• European Spruce..Add $100 to price.
  • Sitka Spruce
  • Engelmann Spruce
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Redwood..When available.

Back & Ribs

  • Honduran Rosewood…Add $300 to price
  • East Indian Rosewood
  • Cocobolo…Add $300 to price
  • Spanish Cypress
  • Maple/ Curly, Flame, Quilt

Neck Stock

  • Spanish Cedar (Cedro)
  • Mahogany


  • Ebony(standard on all Instruments)
  • E.I. Rswd. (If you prefer)
  • Zero Fret. (If you prefer) Easier fingering in the lower positions.

Gilbert Tuners

  • $300.00 added to price.

Rubner Tuning Machines

  • Standard

Schaller Tuning Machines

  • Standard


  • RMC Polydrive System
  • Polydrive II – External Pre-Amp
  • Polydrive IV – Internal Pre-Amp
  • Both systems are MIDI-CAPABLE…
  • There Is a $700. added charge for this system. 

Barbera Soloist Saddle Pickup

  • Barbera Soloist Saddle Pickup. (Passive)
  • Natural sounding both acoustic and amplified.
  • Non-Invasive Installation.Nothing Inside Instrument.
  • Not an under saddle element.
  • There Is a $250 added charge for this system.


At present I am using a tile mosaic design. Each of these Rosettes will be of different woods and background veneers so as to make each Rosette a one of a kind. There will be a $100.00 charge for any other Rosette ordered.

Sound Portals

I am currently employing the use of sound portals on all of my Instruments. It’s obvious to me that they not only let the player hear the Instrument better but they also enhance the total sound and projection of the Instrument. If you do not desire this option, It Is your choice.

Double hole bridge

I am currently using double hole bridges. This method not only Increases string angle over the saddle but also eliminates the dreaded “D” string break. Easier to tie and looks much cleaner.

Tailpiece W/special bridge set-up

  • Tailpiece requires a special bridge set-up on multi-string Instruments.
  • There Is an additional $500. charge for this option.


  • All Instruments come with a Guardian lightweight or hardshell case.
  • Upgrade cases; Hiscox, Eastman. Contact me for pricing.